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Re: SEUL: available software

It sounds like Alenandru is ready to call the question.  I would like to
chip in my two cents worth first.  My orignial installation was
Slackware, my upgrades are now with rpm.  Rpm is a great improvement from
my perspective.  I don't know anything about Debian.  I guess they are a
little more linked up with the FSF.  By the way, the SEUL project covers
just the sort of territory that is fertile ground for the FSF.

Anyway once we get all of these people on Linux we will need a upgrade
tool that is simple as well.  There are millions of Linux users out
there already who would like to upgrade their present installations
with a SEUL tool.  

I would like to know what restricitions a Debian choice would put on
these potential users?

In a similar fashion would SEUL Debian installs be able to upgrade from
Redhat rpm's or .tgz files?

I don't know how much it matters anyway.  If we do it right won't all the
other distributions foolw suit?


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