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Re: SEUL: Distrib: Some thoughts

Gabriel Krabbe wrote:

> definitely not. it would, however, be desirable to grab one of the many
> so-called "magic filters" and add a pretty interface to the setup of
> that. this would leave the user with the command "lpr <document>" w/o
> the need to know about different file formats, filters etc.

So if I take you statements correctly you should just tell a new user
linux has the wonderful printers system already setup and it's just too
that your printer costs less then $1000 dollars cause that's the only
kind of 
printer linux understands but you can search the net to find a filter
your printer???

Unless I am totally mistaken the whole reason for this lists existance
to develop an easy way for a new user to get/install/use linux, this
defeats the purpose does it not????
> most unix apps recognize postscript as standard printing format, and
> justly so; defaulting to raw forwarding of whatever is sent to the lpd
> in case it can't be identified as a known, filtered format, is a more
> than reasonable fallback if an app decides to implement it's own printer
> driver.
> [...]
> > For the targets of SEUL there are basically 3 types of printers
> > available.  1) daisy wheel, 2) inkjet and 3)laser.  From my observations
> don't reinvent the wheel and write new daemons when all you need to do is
> stick to standard unix-philosophy and combine a number of tools, adding
> a pretty interface to configure them.
maybe, just maybe this is one reason that linux/unix is so difficult to 
begin with.  The reliance on the tools that were created who knows how
ago.  Just off the top of my head take ppp connections what should be a
thing is, bacause of it's reliance on "tools" probably one of the most 
difficult things under linux.  For this to work you have to have at
least 5
different files and once you get it working then you have to have more
let's see one to show ppp status one to give you data xfer information
oh and 
a terminal so thats at least one more program (more if you are in

I am not saying reinvent the wheel, just reinflate it so that it is more


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