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Re: SEUL: Task assignments

> Speaking of marketing, I just had another idea.  Perhaps we, as we are
> coding this, should write a book on it - SEUL for Dummies or something -
> and actually attempt to get a publisher for it!  The publisher could
> include the CD distribution, and there's our publicity!  Hopefully it
> would be an attractive "what the heck" buy for the folks at
> Waldenbooks.  It could also provide some money for the project.

Prefect!!!  Though the "Dummies" series may be the wrong audience at first.  
If you think about it, how many products debuted in a "Dummies" book?  None 
that I know of.  In reality, even though we're aiming for the average "home 
user", we probably don't want the stereotypical home user (the kind that buys 
the "Dummies" books) right off.  These are the people who have a computer 
because their kids' educational software runs on it, not because they want to 
get work done.  Sure, they buy the book so they can learn, or somesuch reason, 
but in reality "they" for the most part are the truly computer-illiterate.  
Not something to release a 1.0 to, IMO.

I may be wrong, of course... ;-)

If you think about it, though, a book/CD distrib would be an excelent way to 
get the "product" into the hands of the "target audience", especially if the 
book is marketted as strong alternative to Windows Everywhere.  And then you 
have the book (read: documentation) already packaged with the CD, so the user 
can truly RTFM without having their computer running (definitely a plus when 
online help for the installation process is available only *after* you've 
successfully installed...)

As far as earning money for the project, that'd be great, but we have to be 
*really* careful about what happens to it...  Non-profit status is the least 
of our concerns, not to mention where the heck to file for whatever-it-is we 


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