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Re: SEUL: Task assignments

Michael Peck wrote:

> 1) Coding
> 2) Oversight/decision-making
> 3) Debate/discussion
> 4) Information gathering
> 5) Information dissemination
> 6) Testing

7) Translating to other languages.  Let's make this multinational! :-)
8) Marketing - so people will know about it and have easy access to it.
9) Help text maintaining

Speaking of marketing, I just had another idea.  Perhaps we, as we are
coding this, should write a book on it - SEUL for Dummies or something -
and actually attempt to get a publisher for it!  The publisher could
include the CD distribution, and there's our publicity!  Hopefully it
would be an attractive "what the heck" buy for the folks at
Waldenbooks.  It could also provide some money for the project.

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