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Re: SEUL: Task assignments

Micah Yoder wrote:
> Michael Peck wrote:
> > 1) Coding
> > 2) Oversight/decision-making
> > 3) Debate/discussion
> > 4) Information gathering
> > 5) Information dissemination
> > 6) Testing
> 7) Translating to other languages.  Let's make this multinational! :-)

I like that idea but I think this requires a lot of work, I'm willing to
translate into Dutch if I can find a few other people to help me (I
think that will be no problem)...

> 8) Marketing - so people will know about it and have easy access to it.

SEUL will be mentioned by computer mags, adn in all Internet newsgroups,
so in the beginning we won't need a marketing manager (or whatever)...

> 9) Help text maintaining

This is a very big problem, many man pages are available but they are
all written for and by people who know a lot about UNIX/Linux... Perhaps
this part will be the bigest of our task...

> Speaking of marketing, I just had another idea.  Perhaps we, as we are
> coding this, should write a book on it - SEUL for Dummies or something -
> and actually attempt to get a publisher for it!  The publisher could
> include the CD distribution, and there's our publicity!  Hopefully it
> would be an attractive "what the heck" buy for the folks at
> Waldenbooks.  It could also provide some money for the project.

In my opinion this is the same as writing a good helpfile (I don't like
to say this but I think we will need a sort of help-interface which
looks like the Windows helpfiles).

Have a nice weekend!

Demian Rootring
The Netherlands

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