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Re: SEUL: Task assignments

> I should be clear what I mean when talking about "money for the
> project".  I do not expect to make a profit on this, and no one else
> here should either.  Linux is a free operating system and it should
> remain that way.  However, we will need to offer a limited amount of
> tech support and we'll need to possibly buy hardware to manage this
> thing, possible legal costs, etc.  A bit of an income from something
> would be sort of nice.
Of course.  I know we don't want to make money on the project (at least not 
the product itself...).  The money would be used for the hardware you mention, 
as well as supplies (hardware, software, net time, etc) for developers.

> Also, our book would NOT be the only way to get it on CD.  Just like
> other distributions, someone else could make a "clone" of it if they
> want.
CheapBytes would be a good company to talk to.  They do pressings en masse of 
stuff, offering RedHat 4.2 for $1.99/CD!  At that price, combined with income 
from the book deals, we (as a project) could afford to *give* the CD to 
people. Kinda like the people you see downtown handing out free samples of the 
latest caffiene delivery system... ;-)


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