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Re: SEUL: Task assignments

> One thought regarding distribution: does SEUL need to be publicly
> distributed? Is it possible that SEUL could reach a point in maturity
> that would interest people like RedHat themselves, such that they would
> incorporate it into their distributions? Perhaps this is the most
> sensible distribution policy. It would eliminate redundancies, and give
> SEUL access to the economies of scale that such distributors enjoy...

For at least the first release, that might be the best idea.  CDs are
obviously the way 98% of our target users will want to install it, but
if our first release is not going to have any major innovations, maybe
we could put off the idea of a book and our own CD.  Those would only be
worthwhile if we had a really good product that the mass market should
jump to.  Perhaps in the second release....or we could put off the first
release until late 1998 and make it AWESOME.
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