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Re: SEUL: Task assignments

> > Speaking of marketing, I just had another idea.  Perhaps we, as we are
> > coding this, should write a book on it - SEUL for Dummies or something -
> > and actually attempt to get a publisher for it!  The publisher could
> > include the CD distribution, and there's our publicity!  Hopefully it
> > would be an attractive "what the heck" buy for the folks at
> > Waldenbooks.  It could also provide some money for the project.
> Another task for "information gathering": what are the legal and
> logistical issues involved here? Also for that group: what are the
> possibilities involved in obtaining CD distribution deals? This group
> will be critical for this early phase of SEUL as we seek to make some of
> our decisions based on what is feasible. This "CD v. Floppy" debate
> can't be put to rest until we know what can be done, and how much it
> will cost.

I don't see distribution being our responsibility right away.  What I
seems sensible to me is to have an ftp site somewhere (it'll have to be
quite roomy of course) that we can put SEUL on.  But we organise it in
such a way that it is easy to put on floppies as well as cdroms, or even
later network install.  

Some people will then probably download it, and
put it on a cd-rom/floppies, give it to friends, etc.  We probably don't
way the real "end users", no matter how you define them to look too much
at the first version of SEUL anyway.  Until we have SEUL in such a form
that it is at least reasonably en-user compatable, I don't think its worth
while worrying about physical distribution....

> distributed? Is it possible that SEUL could reach a point in maturity
> that would interest people like RedHat themselves, such that they would
> incorporate it into their distributions? Perhaps this is the most
> sensible distribution policy. It would eliminate redundancies, and give
> SEUL access to the economies of scale that such distributors enjoy...

yeah, that would be something to aim to eventually, I agree...

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