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Re: SEUL: Task assignments

Micah Yoder wrote:
> Michael Peck wrote:
> > 1) Coding
> > 2) Oversight/decision-making
> > 3) Debate/discussion
> > 4) Information gathering
> > 5) Information dissemination
> > 6) Testing
> 7) Translating to other languages.  Let's make this multinational! :-)

This is an excellent idea. I would think that it fits partly in "coding"
and partly in "information gathering". Those who know the languages can
provide information to those who write internationalization support into

I think we should build a private area into the web page for document
building purposes. One of those documents should be this list. We should
put these tasks up, revise them as necessary, and begin listing the
specific duties the belong to each category. It should be a product of
the steering committee. When it nears completion, we should submit it to
the list for approval and post it on the public page.

> 8) Marketing - so people will know about it and have easy access to it.
> 9) Help text maintaining

I see both of these things as belonging to "information dissemination".
Obviously, this group has a lot of important and significant roles to

> Speaking of marketing, I just had another idea.  Perhaps we, as we are
> coding this, should write a book on it - SEUL for Dummies or something -
> and actually attempt to get a publisher for it!  The publisher could
> include the CD distribution, and there's our publicity!  Hopefully it
> would be an attractive "what the heck" buy for the folks at
> Waldenbooks.  It could also provide some money for the project.

Another task for "information gathering": what are the legal and
logistical issues involved here? Also for that group: what are the
possibilities involved in obtaining CD distribution deals? This group
will be critical for this early phase of SEUL as we seek to make some of
our decisions based on what is feasible. This "CD v. Floppy" debate
can't be put to rest until we know what can be done, and how much it
will cost.

One thought regarding distribution: does SEUL need to be publicly
distributed? Is it possible that SEUL could reach a point in maturity
that would interest people like RedHat themselves, such that they would
incorporate it into their distributions? Perhaps this is the most
sensible distribution policy. It would eliminate redundancies, and give
SEUL access to the economies of scale that such distributors enjoy...

Michael J. Peck
Hewlett-Packard, Convex Division
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