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Re: SEUL: Adding Flash to SEUL

On Fri, 27 Jun 1997, Luka wrote:

> >"Unix I know Unix".  Remember what was on the screen at the time a
> >virtual directory of the systems files.  I think this was neat and would
> >be a great way to attract people to SEUL.
> >Now the question is, does anyone know what program was running at the
> >time???
> as far as i could tell, it was an animation, probably running under macos...
> and distintly non-hierarchical looking. ;)

It *is* an interface to a UN*X system, can't remember which one offhand but
it's probably some high-end SPARC or Silicon Graphics system. It's not free,
but there may be something like it out there.

Thomas Molesworth            (thomas@bass.almac.co.uk)

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