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SEUL: Adding Flash to SEUL

>"Unix I know Unix".  Remember what was on the screen at the time a
>virtual directory of the systems files.  I think this was neat and would
>be a great way to attract people to SEUL.
>Now the question is, does anyone know what program was running at the

as far as i could tell, it was an animation, probably running under macos...
and distintly non-hierarchical looking. ;)

but the nice-looking filemanager is a good component to go after.

i've caught a glimpse of the os/2 filemanager in the past, which
i thought was pretty cool.  for one thing, it had a uniform, 
gui, drag-and-drop interface for everything -- including files on
an ftp site!  that was pretty wild, i thought.
and it would also be a _really_ useful interface to a linux user.
we may want to adopt something with a good ui like that as a
default seul file manager. has anyone seen a linux fileman like this?
(i will take a look at tkdesk myself, since there has been much praise for
it lately...)

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