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Re: SEUL: Anybody home

My understanding (correct me if I'm wrong here, people) is that SEUL will
initially be based on Debian.

So as of 1998-03-16, the closet you can get to the current SEUL
distribution is to get the latest version of Debian from any of the mirrors
listed at

Right now, my understanding is that the SEUL people are playing with that
distribution, looking for things to fix, and there's a few projects already
active to fix a few of the more obvious flaws.

I just installed Debian on a fresh system last week just for the experience.

(Anyone want to see my ~8 KB stream-of-consiousness notetaking as I was
installing it ?)

The most obvious flaw was that once the standard text-mode UNIX was up and
running, there wasn't any hint as to what to do next to get graphics going.
(run "deselect", pick "X Windows", let "dselect" install it, run the
XConfigurator, run "startx").

There should be a distro of SEUL on
Real Soon Now.

>From: Keith Dart <kdart@cisco.com>
>To: seul-project <seul-project@seul.org>
>I'm interested in helping to build a
>simple end-user linux.
>Keith Dart

>From: Keith Dart <kdart@cisco.com>
>cc: "seul-project@seul.org" <seul-project@seul.org>
>Is there even some kind of "distro", even in
>beta done yet?
>internal web page: <http://kdart-pc2.cisco.com>

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