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Re: SEUL: Re: file formats (html iz cool)

On Fri, 30 May 1997, Greg Bell wrote:

> jmunoz@nospam.mho.net wrote:
> <<SNIP>>
> > I think that the Help system in X should be html based too.  Friendly
> > pages, no b&w xterm window to scare the GUI generation, with multiple
> > ways to approach the content.  This would be a good project for later
> > when the important, hard stuff was all complete and it was time to
> > document.
> This would be a monumental undertaking.  The end product would be worth
> it
> IMHO, but still a hell of a lot of work converting/rewriting the current 
> manual pages.

What about using a CGI interface for accesing the man-pages through a
browser. I'm not familiar with the man format, but a converter to HTML
shouldn't be too hard to implement. And we would be able to use man-pages 
of new packages that do not have HTML documentation as well.


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