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Re: SEUL: Re: file formats (html iz cool)

>>>>> "Thomas" == Thomas Dietel <tdietel@fpddux.usc.es> writes:

    Thomas> What about using a CGI interface for accesing the man-pages through a
    Thomas> browser. I'm not familiar with the man format, but a converter to HTML
    Thomas> shouldn't be too hard to implement. And we would be able to use man-pages 
    Thomas> of new packages that do not have HTML documentation as well.

I've got RosettaMan working using rman
(ftp://ftp.cs.berkeley.edu/ucb/people/phelps/tcltk/rman.tar.Z) and
rman.pl (a WWW front-end for rman), which gives me a stable front-end
to any and all man pages on the system.

I'm also running info2www, a CGI script for accessing GNU info pages.
Can't remember where the source is, but I found RedHat's RPM of it at
RH's ftp site (/pub/contrib/i386/).


  William Evans                 < wfe01 @ gnofn . org >
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