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Re: SEUL: User Profiles (?)

   > > If we are aiming at the end user I think we can assume that they
   > > won't be wanting to program in C. Similarly, anyone who will be
   > > writing C programs can probably handle a more complicated and
   > > involved installation process.
   > Here I would have to diverge, one of the reasons that I first looked
   > at linux was a little blurb I had seen about it being a development
   > system for programmmers and as I was trying to learn/relearn/comprehend
   > C programming at the time so I grabbed it and got hooked, all of this
   > aside
   > though, linux is being touted as the "FREE" system that includes C et
   > al,
   > which I think is the main drawing point for linux because who wants to
   > pay
   > upto $1000 just to see if they would like to program??

You are mixing Linux beginner and end user.  You were NOT an end user
when starting to use Linux.  Think about what would sell Linux to your
Ma and Pa.

I think than for end users an installation must be pretty directive
for installing a minimal set of tools: no use in making them choose
between editors they do not know what they do.  It is to us to choose
a good one and include it in what is installed as a standard.  Of
course at end of install we could have an experts-only option to
install more things.

			Jean Francois Martinez

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