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Re: SEUL: User Profiles (?)

Thomas Stinner wrote:

> There should also be support for rpm - packages, so the need for
> end-users to compile things themself is not so high.

Why not have support for both RPM *and* Debian packages?  They're both
GPL, right?  We could make it more or less transparent to the user which
is which.

I agree with the people who say we should not start another package
format - the Linux community *really* needs to settle on a standard -
SOON.  Preferrably, it would be the best one (which seems to be Debian,
though I don't know much about it) but RedHat would suffice also.

> I would prefer mysql (www.tcx.se) as RDBMS. It's much smaller and does his
> job very well. It is free and there are ODBC and JDBC drivers available.

Hmm.  Can it do everything PostGres can?  Most likely no time travel,
but that would be unnecessary and is being taken out anyway.  But can it
have user defined objects programmed in C?  (I guess that wouldn't make
much difference for an end user anyway.....)

> I think we should hide all the "painful" (for the end-user) configuration
> from the end-user. But there should always be the possibility to fine-tune
> or reconfigure the settings manually (in the rc - files for example). And
> our "wizard" should recognize these changes. I know, this is not a simple
> job - but i hate to manually change a setting here and see that this
> changes are gone when a change another setting in a configuration
> program. I'm now only changing things manual without using any
> configuration program if i'm not sure what it does.

Exactly....  except that most end users probably don't want ANYTHING to
do with manually editing config files.  :-)  Still, if an "expert" user
tries to do something and it gets undone, that would cause problems.

> > Too bad we couldn't get voice dictation like OS/2... :-)  Is there a
> > university working on such a project for the cause of free software?
> There is a project EARS
> (sunsite.unc.edu/pub/Linux/apps/sound/speech/ears-0.31.tar.gz)
> but it's far from beeing finished.

Thanks for the info, I'll have to check it out!  SEUL is far from being
finished also... so maybe it will work out eventually!
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