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SEUL: Installation & GUI

All this talk of installations and GUI got me thinking and it seems to
me that most are just talking about windows managers (as someone pointed
out already) but the point that was being made was to go graphical for
the installation.  Well it just dawned on me that there already exists a
graphical application that is usable in both dos and linux.
This is the Tc/Tkl language which is very capable of doing all sorts of
neat things (depending on the programmer, of course).  This seems to me
to be the ideal solution program an installation script in tcl that can
run on a pc/mac (I think there is a mac version readily available also)
and let it do the hard stuff from the dos viewpoint (partitioning?) then
install a usable linux and have another tc/tkl script take over from
there (for the linux stuff, really the meat and potatoes of the

Here's the outline of what I am thinking.

The new user (hereafter annotated as NU) starts the system up and runs
the install program which loads the Tc/Tkl binaries onto the dos/mac
machine.  Once the binaries have been installed it (the install program)
then runs the tcl script to begin installation (maybe finding out what
kind of machine it is being run on ????) of the dos/mac stuff needed
(what about loadlinux thus negating the need for repartitioning???) and
loading the "starter" linux.  Once the "starter" linux has been
transferred onto the hard drive the installation program reboots the
system, after modifying the autoexec.bat (does the mac have something
like this???) which then loads linux which starts a another script for
further "personnalized installation".

To me this seems like a very do-able option with the added advantage of
not having to "re-invent" a GUI because tc/tkl is the same on both
operating system.


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