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Re: SEUL: Package format

Alexandru Dan Corlan wrote:
> The Debian project did just that: a definitive (I think)
> package dependencies system, better (I hear) then that in
> RH, and a community of `package developers' on the Internet
> (a few hundreds of them) who chase the evolution of individual
> packages and take care of everything working, each one for the
> package in his care.
> I don't think we are going to do all this work better in
> parralel with them, or that it is good to start all over again.
> The problem with Debian is the relative intricacy of the dselect
> utility (with which you choose the packages to install). If a
> better interface to dselect is provided, especially one that
> deals with collections of packages, based on a dialog with the
> user that does not involve technical terms, I think we can
> achieve out goal faster and better.
> NB. I am sure that everything regarding Debian is GPL-ed.
> This is why I propose to settle for Debian.

I second the Debian solution. We can make use of the great work
the Debian folks have done on a package system and add our own
work on a slick graphical interface. Its just common sense to
try to build on the work of others rather than reinvent the
wheel ourselves.

- Jeff Dutky
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