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Re: SEUL: Re: file formats (html iz cool)

Greg Bell wrote:
> jmunoz@nospam.mho.net wrote:
> > I think that the Help system in X should be html based
> > too. Friendly pages, no b&w xterm window to scare the GUI
> > generation, with multiple ways to approach the content. 
> > This would be a good project for later when the important,
> > hard stuff was all complete and it was time to document.
> This would be a monumental undertaking.  The end product would
> be worth it IMHO, but still a hell of a lot of work converting/
> rewriting the current manual pages.

The manpages shouldn't be a problem: all we need is a groff to
html converter and then we can just let a machine crank over-
night. Manpages, however, don't address the issue of a help
system. What we need is to convert one of those "Introduction
to UNIX" books (the little slim ones that cover the basic
shell stuff, mail, and vi) to HTML and add some kind of index
and FAQ list. That's were the REAL work is.

- Jeff Dutky
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