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SEUL: Intro


My name is Christopher Palmer, a free software groupie 
(<http://acm.cs.umn.edu/~jaymz/sigfs>). I found the SEUL Web page and was
immediately intrigued. A easily-usable Linux (or any other free OS,
really) is my ultimate dream, and I've always wanted to realise it.

I am very, very willing to help out with the SEUL program in any way I
can, although unfortunately I am not much of a C programmer. Anything
else, though, I'm willing and capable of:

writing/maintaining documentation (Web pages, man pages, application
shell scripting
usability testing
interface design
software distribution design
et c.

How can I help SEUL?

Glad to meet you,

Christopher Reid Palmer : reid@pconline.com : www.pconline.com/~reid