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SEUL: Re: The SEUL project, OR, Re: ducks

Erik Walthinsen wrote:

> This is more than a little disconcerting to me as well.  Numerous attempts
> have been made to get people moving with various projects, and most have
> failed.  Likely, much of this is because I don't have as much time as I'd
> like, nor do the other two system architects.  We're trying to find the
> right way to kickstart the project, and I think we have something right now
> (we're discussing on IRC) that may do the trick.

And this is one project where time could be considered a valuable
commodity... at least, that's what I see.

> > Dave, this is your area.  Feel free to help this lady out if you like.
> Hrm... :)  I guess 'twoducks' and 'seul-dev-help' combine in some search
> engines to match a query about how to feed ducks.  Oh well...

Heh heh, actually my previous message never meant to go to this list. 
It was meant to to my ACME list.  To find out about ACME, go here:


The FAQ is a first draft, the group is about half as old as the SEUL
project and totals about 10 members, and eventually it's mission was
supposed to become what SUEL's is now. :)

So anyway, have a skim through the FAQ (particularly the bottom) and let
me know if there's anything in there that SEUL could use.

That is, if you can all fit it between exams. :)

I'd help with SEUL if I could but at the moment I have a bit of catching
up to do in the way of technical know-how.  Before I started my course I
knew DOS and 8086 assembly like the back of my hand.  Now, three years
later, DOS is dead, Linux has become my new love, and Microsft my new
hate. :)


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