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SEUL: Hardware support for Linux

I just bought myself a Ditto 2GB Insider, which apparently isn't supported by 
even the latest and greatest version of ftape (3.03a).  This is because 
Iomega ignored the author when he asked them for technical specs.

I've sent the following e-mail to the "editor" of the "iomega-zine" web site, 
hopefully to reach a human (it appears some of them actually do...) and maybe 
get them to start supporting Linux a little better.  If nothing else, I just 
want the specs for the tape drive I just bought, else I'll have to buy a 
drive made by someone else (I guess I should've mentioned that...).

This is something we will need to focus on as part of our, well, PR and 
marketing (it's a necessary evil).  I don't know what the best way is to do 
this, maybe compile numbers on how many people use Linux and would buy such 
products if they were supported.

Any ideas?

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I run Linux exclusively on all half-dozen machines I have at work and at home.  
I recently purchased a Ditto 2GB Insider tape drive, but have just found in 
the documentation for the Linux driver that it is not support.  Apparently 
the author of the package sent mail to you asking for information on the tape 
format and other necessary technical details, but never heard back.

I have noticed that there are very few companies who actually intentionally 
support Linux, and it appears that Iomega is not one of these.  I'm 
disappointed, but not surprised.  Do note, however, that Linux is fast
becoming the OS of choice for people who become fed up with Microsoft's
ridiculous claims and horrendous software.  I would caution anyone against
ignoring it.

I would like to obtain the necessary technical specifications on the 2GB tape 
drive in order to help write the necessary driver code.  A second copy would 
be useful, to send to the author of the package, in Norway.

You have some very good products out there, I would hate to see them lose 
favor simply because of lack of support under non-Microsoft operating systems
(Microsoft is *not* the only game in town...)

   aka Erik Walthinsen
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