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Re: SEUL: Hardware support for Linux

On Fri, 7 Nov 1997, Erik Walthinsen wrote:

If marketing is a necessary evil, I suggest we do it right:

1. no threats. kiss their ass.
2. don't pretend anyone knows about linux. pretend it's "all new". If
   someone says they already know it and hate it, ask them if they've used
   "linux 2?" You're not lying: 2.x really is better.
3. "invite" people to "join the growing numbers" of people in the
   "partners program". Make the program cost money -- they'll feel
4. don't mention microsoft at all. in any way. 
5. use numbers, but make them believable.
6. take advantage of the fact that there is no structure in the linux
   community: pretend you're writing representing a big group.
7. never let up. melt their resistance with repetition.

while we're at it, we need a better sticker than "cool it runs with
linux". That one looks dorky. We need holographic stickers that say 
"Linux 2.x system compliant" -- like there's a big lab with technicians in
white smocks testing things to make sure they're linuxy.

-graydon <graydon@pobox.com>