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Re: SEUL: Re: Installation script

On Tue, 7 Oct 1997, Luka wrote:

> well, sort of.  the way to build an rpm at least (i don't know about dpkg yet)
> is pretty conducive to including the right dependencies if you think about it
> when you're building the rpm.  it is trivially possible to ignore it though.
It appears, from my work trying to create symlink-only packages (so you
can install it on a lightweight client, keeping the actual files on an
NFS/SMB server), that rpm actually goes around looking at binaries,
running ldd on them, and includes those deps.  I'll have to try to verify
this, though.

> we should give this some thought, so anyone with some clever insights....?
I was scanning through the rpm change logs and found mention of specific
semantics for dependencies.  If it starts with a '/', it's assumed to be a
file.  Otherwise it's assumed to be a library.  But there are packages
that require other packages, so I don't know how they decide what's a
library dep and what's a package dep.  Something to be researched.

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