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Re: SEUL: software map

bkaras@flinet.com wrote:
>>i'm actually trying to tone down the (short-term) aspirations a bit, to
>>make sure that doesn't happen.
>We must determine who the ultimate, end user will be, and then stay FOCUSED
>to develope a product for that end user.  While it may be tempting, easy,
>and/or seductive  to include a lot of not necessary stuff and to include a
>lot of technical extras (this group IS mainly composed of techies, you
>know), we must "keep our eyes on the ball."  And make it really easy to
>install and use.

well, that's what i said.  we may wander a bit as we get started, because this
is a somewhat revolutionary project, and we all need to get our feet wet and
try things out to get a better feel for this stuff now.  if we're not on
a focused track within a month or so, though, i will appreciate it if you
yell at me for it, since we should be.

>Personally, I feel an OS s/b practically transparent; in fact, if the PC
>could do w/o an OS, that would be great.

a noble desire, but... well...  let's just say that's "not within our
immediate capabilities".  a practically transparent os is one way to think
about the sort of feeling we would strive for generating though.

>I also think what is needed is a
>"killer app," like VisiCalc or early Lotus 1-2-3, that encourages people to
>getPCs in the first place; and a simple "me too" (like in word processors)
>won't do.

(note: there's been discussion on this, so you might check the list archives
for a refresher.)
current status: check out the mission for the apps group (first email from
me yesterday).  i think killer apps already exist, and we need to find them
(or write them if it does turn out they don't exist), improve them to be
easier/friendlier (keep that focus on the user!), and publicize them, so
people who are not actively hunting for them will know about the more common
ones, and realize that they can use linux productively after all.
to help with this, just sign on to the seul-dev-apps list, and start some
discussions there about where to look/what to write.  perhaps there are certain
apps you think don't exist, or would at least be in the "killer apps"
category if they did exist - mention them on seul-dev-apps and start doing
research to what comes close and what needs to change.
(btw, one thing to remember - those killer apps for dos/win/etc are not free.
likewise, some of the really majorly cool apps for linux will prob also have
to be commercial.  seul is not going to directly do commercial development,
but remember that by improving and promoting linux as an os, we are increasing
the size of the user base (read "market") for linux, and thus indirectly
adding motivation for others to do the sort of commercial app dev that will
undoubtedly be necessary to make things really take off.)

 Peter Luka            ...            luka@mit.edu
 SEUL Project development leader/systems architect