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Re: SEUL: Re: Installation script

Peter Luka writes:
> seems what SLIM (greg's program) is intended to do is serve as a basic
> wrapper for any flavor of package installation/maintenance, which
> delegates to the full programs (rpm, dpkg, tar, etc) to do the grunge
> once it has indentified the package type and queried the user
> appropriately as to the details of installation.

Greg's message hasn't shown up here, but this sounds like a reinvention of
Debian's dselect (not that dselect couldn't use a little reinventing).  You
might want to look at the dselect code for ideas, and also at deity, the
planned replacement for dselect.

> ...has anyone seen a system (or plans for one) that does try to do this
> sort of correct dep-info enforcement?  we should give this some thought,
> so anyone with some clever insights....?

Should be doable for libraries, but I think the general problem is
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