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SEUL: reminder: sub to lists now!

just a reminder, if you haven't already done so, you should
sub to the dev lists asap (i.e. NOW).
starting tomorrow, seul-project will get pretty boring, since we will
be using only the dev lists for all focused discussions.

so to keep up with seul project, you can even just cut/paste and send
the following message.  it will sub you to the 6 dev lists, and you
can then unsub yourself from any you decide are not for you after watching
the discussion, or filter/file incoming mail by listname.


To: majordomo@seul.mit.edu
subscribe seul-dev-help
subscribe seul-dev-apps
subscribe seul-dev-install
subscribe seul-dev-admin
subscribe seul-dev-ui
subscribe seul-dev-distrib


you should do this if you are at all still interested in seul project.
i can't justify automatically adding everyone to all dev lists, since
traffic will explode once they become active, and i am not psychic enough
to know if everyone on seul-project really wants to be added.

note, in case i was unclear: you're not committing to anything by subbing to
these lists -- this is just a way to divide our (huge) discussion into
strategic manageable chunks.
it will make things work much better than they used to. :)

if you have trouble or find bugs with the list server or other system stuff,
let me know right away.  i'm trying hard to make seul project infrastructure
as stable and reliable as i can.

 Peter Luka            ...            luka@mit.edu
 SEUL Project development leader/systems architect