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Re: SEUL: SOTs comments

> I think most of us are programmers, and so we naturally have a very
> advanced view of how computers work on the inside. I want to emphasize
> that for the majority of the people on earth, the computer is a machine to
> help with word-processing and emailing, and good for games.

This is why we are planning to create a list of true end-users, where we can 
bounce ideas like this off them in an organized manner.  Aldo-Pier Solari is 
the leader of what we are currently calling the 'SEG' (SEUL Expert Group), 
which should be starting up RSN.

If anyone out there knows of a true 'end-user', please e-mail Aldo 
(solaris@ulpgc.es) with the address of that person, but only *after* 
confirming that that person wants to be involved... :)


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