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Re: SEUL: SOTs comments

Graydon Hoare writes:
> I just don't want to make a system which is going to be as hard as linux
> currently is, cause the amount of handholding required is incredibly
> high.

This heresy, but I think that Linux as it is is *easier* to use than Win95.
I cite the user problems you mentioned in your post as evidence.  The
notion that Unix is difficult and Win95 easy is due to a combination of
unfamiliarity and Microsoft propaganda.

I have a somewhat unusual perspective here: as of last year I had used Unix
for more than twelve years but had never used Windows.  I then installed
and used it (both 95 and NT) for about six months in order to complete a
contract.  I found it to be a poorly documented counterintuitive mishmash.
The "desktop metaphor" is a poor analogy made worse by a poor
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