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Re: SEUL: About friendlyness

Julio Cesar Gazquez wrote:

> 1) What is an EASY interface? A GUI is pretty, but sometimes isn't so
> easy as Microsoft claims that it is. The better interface must be the
> sense interface.

This is true, but the plain fact is that GUIs are much easier for your
average joe to use than the alternave (terminal based with commands).  A
well-designed GUI interface can show the user all of his options, allow
him to use his own common sense to find out how to do what he needs to
do (simple example: "save file" is under the "file menu") and guides him
through procedures (wizards, for want of a better example).  All quickly
and easily.

Maybe Windows doesn't know how to make optimum use of the graphical

>  2) A Windows system is frustrating for me because
> there is just one way to do anything you want,  the (supposed) easy
> one. So, always must be a way for the user growing to an advanced
> (traditional?) way to work.

This is not true for Windows, actually, at least not in some respects. 
Quick example: to copy a file, you can drag it with CTRL held down, you
can copy and paste it, or you can use the DOS prompt.


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