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SEUL: Prelim website announce

Thanks to Simon Waldman's efforts and an allnighter from the sysarchs,
the new website is now in place. Please take a look at it at
http://www.seul.org and let us know of any problems with it that you
notice, or suggestions you have for improving either the design or the

We're going to be sending an announce to seul-project Saturday afternoon
(once we've had a chance to sleep and figure out how many mistakes we
made, and correct a few :) asking for people to volunteer to help with
content for the pages. Once we have a bit more content in place, we'll
be sending a message to seul-announce telling people to come check us out
again. I figured I'd let people here know that the preliminary copyover
was successful.


Note that the message numbering in the archives has changed,
unfortunately. :( I'm going to mail LWN about that, since one of their
articles links into our old archives and that's probably a different
message now. Note also that my message regarding desired per-group
content on the website has moved from