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SEUL: New website in place!

Thanks to Simon Waldman's efforts and two allnighters from the sysarchs,
the new website is now in place. Please take a look at it at
http://www.seul.org and let us know of any problems with it that you
notice, or suggestions you have for improving either the design or the
As for content: we need a lot of help in filling out the website. Specifics
of what we're interested in per development subgroup can be seen in my
message to the seul-leaders group, archived at
If you have other pages on which you're maintaining SEUL information (for
instance, Donovan's "editors" page comes to mind), please contact one of
us so we can put that on the SEUL website.
We would like to get a volunteer from each SEUL group. This volunteer would
have the responsibility of developing and maintaining that portion of the
SEUL website. Take a look at the different dev-group descriptions at
the development site (http://www.seul.org/dev), and if you're interested
in working on anything, either contact the leader associated with that
group, or contact the sysarchs directly at seul@seul.org.
If you're interested in working on the website in any other way,
contact Simon (swaldman@seul.org) and let him know what you can help
--Roger (Systems infrastructure and project co-leader)