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Re: SEUL: seul-commits list


Excuse this from an ignorant non-techie... can I just check that I understand
this right:

1. CVS is the version control system.
2. subbing to this list would let us be notified every time something is
checked in to the repository.

Correct so far?

On another matter, that message from Omega reminded me about @seul.org
addresses. Once we get to the stage of interacting with prospective end-users
(which will I think be one of the tasks of -pub), would it be a good idea to
say that everyone on seul-pub talking to users should be using a seul.org
address? Reason is, target users are used to buying from a big corporation,
they will be VERY wary about a system 'cobbled together by a load of students
on the internet' (no offense anyone, I'm guessing at the potential users'
viewpoint), and seul.org addresses might give a more organised image.



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