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SEUL: Fw: seul-pub operations

>We need to get seul-pub up and running rsn.  The website is almost ready to
>be updated (weekend), so people are going to be doing stuff very soon.
>seul-pub's responsibilities as far as the website are: (roughly in order)
>1) keep the main site looking good, up to date, etc.
>2) help everyone else (mostly leaders at first) get their own sites running
>   underneath the main one
>  a) write skeleton docs for groups to kickstart them
>  b) convert flat text into sdoc for those who can maintain but not write
>  c) keep on top of them to make sure their site is up to date at all times
>3) write documentation to support everyone who's writing stuff.  Some
>   already exists in the test site (cran.mit.edu/~seul/pub/doc/), but more
>   is needed.  arma is writing docs on SSH and CVS for the sys/doc/ tree,
>   which you'll have to have links to from pub/doc/ to make sure people can
>   actually do the CVS stuff necessary.
>Over the next day or two, your first priority as a group will be #2, then
>#3.  Some work on #1 is going to be required over the next week, but only
>enough to make it passable.  In a week or two your priorities will align
>with the list above.
>seul-pub is critical path right now, so keep in touch, and send this
>information to seul-pub (repackaging if necessary) to get them going.  Find
>people who have the time and basic knowledge to convert flat text to sdoc,
>and we'll feed documents to you to pass out to those people.
>No pressure ;-)
>    Omega

OK, folks.  Here are our marching orders.  Volunteers, step forward <g>!  It
is especially important for the new people (other than Simon and Micah) to
introduce themselves and tell us how best they can help.

PS - Did you guys notice that we're appearing in the Linux Weekly News
report?  Pretty cool, eh?

Martin Jackson:  mjackson@deskmedia.com
Information Science Major
Mankato State University