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SEUL: Jean's resignation, and where SEUL is going

> This way architectural decisions don't take forever thanks to the
> limited number of people and the fact than there are no newcomers
> restarting old discussions.
 As Omega has been constantly saying, a working website would have done
much to alleviate this problem, allowing decisions to be announced and
displayed. Part of the problem may have been that the complex
infrastructure planned by Omega was not actually ready for the project,
but all the same things don't seem to be moving.
Almost 2 weeks ago, I was told that I would be taking over the website
from Paul. Since then I have heard almost nothing further, despite a
number of emails asking what was happening. Martin, could you please let
me know what is happening? It's no good giving me a task, and then
leaving me with no idea of exactly what needs doing (although I have
ideas on that) or how to do it, at a practical level. In what should be
one of the more active groups at present I have seen posts only from
four people (not including the sysarchs), with a maximum rate of 2-3 a
While I remain neutral on the correct way to organise a project, not
having seen enough to comment, I too have noticed many of the symptoms
that Jean has described. I feel that many of them would be alleviated by
a well-designed and maintained web site. However, if nothing is done
about this soon I shall be leaving seul-pub and volunteering to run the
web site for project Independance (ugh. horrible name).


PS - If there is a reason for the delay, at least tell me what it is!


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