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Re: SEUL: Jean's resignation, and where SEUL is going

>  As Omega has been constantly saying, a working website would have done
> much to alleviate this problem, allowing decisions to be announced and
> displayed.
This is getting close to being finished.  The plan was to have the site 
operational by later today, but that may get pushed back as I have to deal 
with all this.

> Part of the problem may have been that the complex
> infrastructure planned by Omega was not actually ready for the project,
IMO it's not too complex.  It probably sounds that way as I describe what 
is planned, but if you look carefully at it, it's quite nowhere near as 
complex as it sounds.  I assert that all of what is planned is needed for 
those things you describe: lack of official decisions.

> Almost 2 weeks ago, I was told that I would be taking over the website
> from Paul. Since then I have heard almost nothing further, despite a
> number of emails asking what was happening. Martin, could you please let
> me know what is happening? It's no good giving me a task, and then
> leaving me with no idea of exactly what needs doing (although I have
> ideas on that) or how to do it, at a practical level.
Yes, this is a serious problem.  Marty, you need to tell me if you're 
unable to keep this group going.  If you don't have time to lead it, we 
need to find someone who can.  Not to say you aren't needed, just that we 
need someone with a reasonably large, stable amount of time available.  If 
anyone here (Simon?) fits that description, please let me know.  Even if 
Marty has the time to remain leader, we need people who can take a very 
active part in this project.

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