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Re: SEUL: Jean's resignation, and where SEUL is going

>Yes, this is a serious problem.  Marty, you need to tell me if you're
>unable to keep this group going.  If you don't have time to lead it, we
>need to find someone who can.  Not to say you aren't needed, just that we
>need someone with a reasonably large, stable amount of time available.  If
>anyone here (Simon?) fits that description, please let me know.  Even if
>Marty has the time to remain leader, we need people who can take a very
>active part in this project.

I have been mulling the idea of turning leadership of seul-pub to someone
else, but I am at a loss as to who that would be.  With the sudden
resignations of both Jean and George, I thought it would be a bad time.

I believe in the goals of SEUL, and I believe in the methodologies SEUL is
using to get there.  With that said, I hereby resign as leader of seul-pub,
since I am hindering more than helping.  I wish you all the best, and hope
that I can devote more time to this project (if I ever get more <g>).
Thanks, it's been fun.

Martin Jackson:  mjackson@deskmedia.com
Information Science Major
Mankato State University