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SEUL: seul-commits list

For those who will be utilizing the CVS repository in the near future, I 
just want to mention the new seul-commits list.  All commits that happen to 
the CVS repository (anywhere) are sent to this list.  The website will be 
on the list, which will cue it to update parts of the site.

Because some people may not want all the traffic that comes across, I 
intend to write a mail filter, so you can stick it on cran and subscribe 
your @seul.org address to the list.  It would filter based on a rules file, 
and everything else (non-commits mail) would be forwarded to another 
address (or maybe put in the local mailbox, if anyone is doing that).

Beware, however, that this isn't exactly a low-volume list.  It *is* an 
indication of how fast development is moving, however.  The more mail you 
get, the more development is happening.


     Erik Walthinsen <omega@seul.org> - SEUL Project system architect
       /  \                SEUL: Simple End-User Linux -
      |    | M E G A            Creating a Linux distribution
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