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Re: SEUL: Linux command-line focus

Hi Kylie,

> The systems that we can build are a little limited - hence a
> reliance on the command line and text type applications. Perhaps
> you could check out the documentation project happening at one of
> the computerbank branches - http://www.computerbank.org.au/perth/
> It is designed as a simple guide to using linux.

I looked at 'Introduction to Computers and GNU/Linux,' and I liked the
fact that this doc is being started as part of a 'training course' -
this would help to spread out the material and ensure that the student
leaves the course with a good deal of useful knowledge.

A general conern I have from the perspective of the end user,
particularly for someone coming to linux having little computer
experience, is having a document which is concise and small enough to be
read / searched though easily. I worry that many new users will be put
off by having to learn things which they were insulated from as Mac or
Windows users (ie. CLI, permissions, job control). 

The LDP articles which are linked to on this page are well-written, but
they are quite substantial. What I would like to see is a smaller
document, which gives the reader enough of a basis to deal with some of
the more common problems initially, and help point them to more
comprehensive resources elsewhere. 

I'm fleshing out a proposal to do just that, and it should be posted
here in the next couple of days. There may be some common points between
the proposed course docs and this 'simple end user linux howto' doc.

> Do you mind if i forward some of the posts about the CLI on to the
> computerbank mailing list?

     Sounds good. The arrangements are still being made, but an initial
page should get up in the next week or so at the latest.



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