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Re: SEUL: Web Site Content

In a different thread Roger wrote:
> How's the new page design going? I think we've agreed on a color
>scheme..should we move to content? All the pages behind the front page can
>stay the same (except www.seul.org/dev/ but that's an exception), so it
>shouldn't be that bad to actually set up a new page, tweak it for a bit, and
>then replace the current frontpage with it.

I went over the front page collecting the relevant non-duplicated links to
inner pages. They are listed below:

Linux (Link to 'The Linux Home Page at Linux Online http://www.linux.org)
What's New (last entry July 1998)
Why Linux
Announcements (last entry July 1998)
Development Homepage
ToDo List

seul-pug             (These 4 appear on the Archieves page. I don't know if
seul-seg               would find them there. Do we want them on the front

Subscribe (Subscription box for site visitors)

The SysArchs (these 3 link to 'mail to' forms)

edos links to both SEUL and Manifesto
edos describes SEUL as follows:
The goal of SEUL is to help Linux become an OS that the average home/office
user can install  and use productively.

Linux Journal links to SEUL and describes SEUL as follows:
Simple End-User Linux (SEUL), a project to help create a computing environment
for the average person.

I looked through Eric Raymond's site but did not locate the SEUL link.

In another post Roger wrote:
>I think I would vote to retain the seul-announce subscription box on the
>page, though. There are 551 people on that list now, and that's because they
>all sub when they arrive at the seul frontpage.

>In addition to those resources, we should include more details of the seul
>project. Do we need to compromise between resources that are useful to the
>visitor, and things that we want them to read? I'm specifically talking about
>the whatsnew/ and the todo list. The whatsnew/ is easy to solve -- we just
>integrate it into the frontpage, as you suggest. I've tried to make the todo
>not simply a list of "here's where we need help", but also a list of "here's
>what we're done already, and how much progress we're making on each section".
>So it's informative even to somebody not wanting to volunteer.

From another thread Wayne wrote:
>P.S. I've suggested to some that setting up a webpage in our accounts on cran
>would help with information distribution. Perhaps a links page on the main
>site to them? Just a thought.

I may have missed something but here's a list of where we are at.
Any comments before I try to work it into the home page or wherever.