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Re: SEUL: Web Site Content

In message <3cae6a31.3644c7f1@aol.com>, eamorical@aol.com writes:
>I went over the front page collecting the relevant non-duplicated links to
>inner pages. They are listed below:
>Linux (Link to 'The Linux Home Page at Linux Online http://www.linux.org)
>What's New (last entry July 1998)

I would like to have a 'News' link from the front page. I would also
like to be able to put the most recent news item on the front page itself.
It would only take a couple of lines, and it would ensure that things change
and look like they're moving forward.

>Why Linux
>Announcements (last entry July 1998)

We can rename this to "End-user resources" and make it more prominent,
provided we commit to fleshing it out. I think that's a good plan.

>Development Homepage
>ToDo List
>seul-pub             (These 4 appear on the Archieves page. I don't know if
>seul-seg               would find them there. Do we want them on the front
>Subscribe (Subscription box for site visitors)
>The SysArchs (these 3 link to 'mail to' forms)
>edos links to both SEUL and Manifesto
>edos describes SEUL as follows:
>The goal of SEUL is to help Linux become an OS that the average home/office
>user can install  and use productively.
>Linux Journal links to SEUL and describes SEUL as follows:
>Simple End-User Linux (SEUL), a project to help create a computing environment
>for the average person.

I like this description better. They wrote it, not me. :)

>I looked through Eric Raymond's site but did not locate the SEUL link.

No, esr has pretty studiously been ignoring seul. I think he doesn't like
Omega. :) Put more nicely, I think he's waiting to see Results.

>>In addition to those resources, we should include more details of the seul
>>project. Do we need to compromise between resources that are useful to the
>>visitor, and things that we want them to read? I'm specifically talking about
>>the whatsnew/ and the todo list. The whatsnew/ is easy to solve -- we just
>>integrate it into the frontpage, as you suggest. I've tried to make the todo
>>not simply a list of "here's where we need help", but also a list of "here's
>>what we're done already, and how much progress we're making on each section".
>>So it's informative even to somebody not wanting to volunteer.
>>From another thread Wayne wrote:
>>P.S. I've suggested to some that setting up a webpage in our accounts on cran
>>would help with information distribution. Perhaps a links page on the main
>>site to them? Just a thought.
>I may have missed something but here's a list of where we are at.
>Any comments before I try to work it into the home page or wherever.

Thanks, Bob! This was what we needed to get started. I'll try to rehash
how I think this should work, in terms of what Chuck has currently.

Left column:
 change 'Archives' to 'List Archives'? to be more clear.
 change 'Latest News' to 'News'. We should have a news page that just gets
  longer, with most recent news at the top. Kind of like the current
  whatsnew page.
 can we change the section 'End Users' to something more broad? I'd like to
  just call it 'Users', but that becomes ambiguous. This section includes
  documents that are good to read, as well as the 'end-user resources' (links)
  section. I think the links section could feasibly be split up into several
  topics, and then we'd have url's for each topic from the front page. Would
  that help what you're looking for, Bob?
 how about an 'Advocacy' section, which would include "Why Linux?", "Commercial
  advocacy" (pointing to a page listing the cpah and similar)
 i'd like to explicitly include the 'todo' section. Is there a better name for
  this? 'volunteer work'?

Are we working under a length limit for this (I remember somebody had mentioned
that they wanted a fixed-size frontpage)? How big can we make the page?

I've put a sample at http://cvs.seul.org/~cbhiii/index2.html (sorry about
jumping into your webspace, Chuck, but it was there. :)

I've only revamped the left column currently. Presumably the right column will
be more variable anyway.

Comments appreciated,