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SEUL: seul-announce.info / recent webhits

Oops. I just noticed that the seul-announce.info and seul-project.info
files (the text that is sent to subscribers) still talked about how we're
going to do a distribution. I fixed this.

[root@belegost lists]# wc -l seul-announce
    573 seul-announce

Also note that this halloween2 doc caused quite an influx of people:
[root@belegost logs]# tail -30000 access_log |grep 02/Nov|wc -l
[root@belegost logs]# tail -30000 access_log |grep 03/Nov|wc -l
[root@belegost logs]# tail -30000 access_log |grep 04/Nov|wc -l
[root@belegost logs]# tail -30000 access_log |grep 05/Nov|wc -l
[root@belegost logs]# tail -30000 access_log |grep 06/Nov|wc -l
[root@belegost logs]# tail -30000 access_log |grep 07/Nov|wc -l

Visitors included microsoft (many times), hp, ibm (many times), sgi, oracle,
transmeta, cisco, sybase, netscape, lotus, intel, usps.gov, zanshin, ccnet,
sco, micron, compaq, nytimes, dec, disney, visa, and sun, not to mention
investment companies like vanguard and morningstar. Just in case any of
you wanted some motivation. :)

I've just caught up on reading all my mail, finally. I will be
responding to things soon, if all goes well. Contact me again if you've
sent me mail and I haven't answered it.