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SEUL: more webthoughts

I noticed that the color scheme looks quite different under netscape4
than it does under netscape3. (It looks much better under ns4.) Is
this something that's easily fixable, or are browser very variable on

Another thought that I had: I would like to have front-page links to
as many of the major products/docs we have as possible. This is why I
want to put the CPAH (and to a lesser extend the Manifesto) on the
front page.

How about a "contact us" line on the left column, at the bottom?

I notice that Tux is gone from the sample new frontpage. This may not
be a bad thing. :)

I agree that we'll want a "seul people" page at some point. Should it
be off the "about seul" page, or off the front page? Argument against
the front page: it's not Crucial, and takes up space. argument towards:
it might make people more excited about working if they're publically

Things to include in the main column:

 "Our goal is to help Linux become an operating system that the average user
   can install and use easily."
 (could be phrased better)

 Recent news item (for us currently, it will be 'cpah', 'seul-edu', and
   'website revamp'), with a pointer to the 'news' page (same pointer as
   from left column)

  seul-announce subscription box
  volunteer work available
  seul-survey -- coming soon
  contact us at seul@seul.org
  this page maintained by webmaster@seul.org
  page last updated 8 Nov 1998

Actually, I just went and implemented this list on

It isn't "pretty" because I don't know what else we'll want to add,
but hey. I can zip through and turn things into actual links pretty
easily (I'd do it now, except they should be relative links rather than
absolute links, and I don't want to confuse people). And if I'm
stepping on somebody's toes by my blatant lack of html clue, tell me. :)

Also note that the links in the main section turn up a hideous very-light
color that is impossible to read. Did you have a plan for that, Chuck, since
you picked this color? Or am I doing something wrong?

Comments appreciated. The main section really does look ugly right now --
sorry. :)