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Re: SEUL: Gradebook Program

In message <ec23142e.3644767f@aol.com>, eamorical@aol.com writes:
>This is excellent. It's do-able and should go on a list of potential software
>for edos. Concerning lists, is there an easy way for someone to edit a list
>residing on SEUL. I see this basic operation occurring in all kinds of
>situations. One can't open SEUL up to the world but one wants the world to
>work with SEUL. In other words a piece of text resides on SEUL. Somebody
>somewhere out in the world has a reason to modify it. It's easy to get it.
>Just highlight it, open 'edit' and click on copy. Now edit it and email it
>back. My question is will it come back in a usable form, meaning can someone
>cut it out of the email and paste it into the original text or will it have to
>be retyped. I'm trying to find an efficient way to get a number of people with
>writting skills helping out. Anyway I believe the interest in helping edos is
>there and we can be a significant help.

I don't think I quite understand what you're getting at here. As for having
documents on the seul webpage, and people grab parts of them, do some
modifications, then send that notepad (ascii) back to the author in mail,
then the author can modify the original and it will all be updated, sure,
that works. It's not quite as cool as it would be if it were completely
automated, but that's much trickier to implement well. Only if things are
*really* broken would anybody have to retype anything. Cut and paste will
(should) always work, no matter what the issue. 

But if you have a large body of documents actively being developed by the
net at large, you will want a more automated system. It is not seul's job
currently to implement a massively parallel knowledge base DB. However,
there are two groups (http://www.seul.org/archives/linuxkb/linuxkb-list/
is one of them) working on that idea currently. It may well be that we
can double up with them and use the webprograms they generate to support
shared documentation development for edos. We'll see.