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SEUL: New SEUL mailing list for education

Roger has created the seul-edu mailing list for discussion of educational
topics having to do with Linux.  Since we've been getting fairly in-depth
here on the subject it deserves its own list.  We should move our education
discussions over there.  You can subscribe to iit in the usual way, by
sending a message to majordomo@seul.org with "subscribe seul-edu" in the
message body.  We're still putting it together, so the "Welcome to the
seul-edu mailing list" message may be sketchy or non-existent.  I'm going to
announce it to the world on Monday or Tuesday.  If you know anyone who would
be interested in the topics we'll surely get into, could you let them know
about it?  Thanks.

Oh, BTW I've pretty much finished SGMLizing the CPAH in preparation to
passing it on to the Linux Documentation Project.  As soon as I've handed it
over we can announce it on the appropriate  channels.

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