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Re: SEUL: Various educational software stuff

In message <6540e6ab.36411802@aol.com>, eamorical@aol.com writes:
>Also on 10/14 Wayne Earl replied to the post on the 'Article by Alan Cox'
>and on 10/15 he wrote:
>>I am working on an interactive front end to RPM that would make the upgrade
>>process easier. I have found when instructing end users at work that what
>>tends to trip them up is not the lack of a pretty interface, but the
>>of having to remember an endless series of command line switches.
>>When I finish the script, where would be an appropriate place to post it for
>Here is someone trying to help and as far as I can see no one answered his

As for the graphical frontend to rpm, keep in mind that there are several
already around. I remember seeing a kde package manager that "spoke" all
sorts of packagers. There's also autorpm and a couple other graphical rpm
interfaces being discussed every now and again on redhat-devel. Are you
aware of these, or should I try to dig up some url's?

As for where to put them, you can mkdir public_html from your homedir on
cran, and then people can access ~/public_html/foo as

Once it becomes something a lot of people want to look at, we can integrate
it into the seul website itself. This is done simply by finding the directory
in your repository that you want to add it to, then putting it there, doing
a 'cvs add filename' and then 'cvs commit filename'. A couple minutes later,
the production website will reflect the changes.