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Re: SEUL: Various educational software stuff

Doug Loss wrote:

> EAMorical@aol.com wrote:
> >
> > Roger,
> >
> > Also on 10/14 Wayne Earl replied to the post on the 'Article by Alan Cox'
> > and on 10/15 he wrote:
> > >I am working on an interactive front end to RPM that would make the upgrade
> > >process easier.[...]
> > >When I finish the script, where would be an appropriate place to post it for
> > >tweaking?
> > Here is someone trying to help and as far as I can see no one answered his
> > question.
> It's a good question.  Do we have the facilities and talent for that
> sort of thing?  In my short time here I haven't seen any serious code
> development outside of Micah's and Roger's stuff.  And all of that was
> lone effort (at least it seemed so) with no input from others.  At this
> point we seem to be primarily an advocacy project, although we probably
> should move in exactly the direction Wayne is going.
> Wayne, have you looked at grpm or GnoRPM?  They both sound as though
> they're working in the same direction as you are.  It might be that a
> combination of efforts would be for the best.  Or maybe not; I throw the
> comment out merely for consideration.

Will check it out. Putting together a WAN at work, so I've been exceedingly busy
(haven't had time to tweak on the script lately).

Still wondering where to put it on cran for general tweaking once it's

-Wayne Earl