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Re: SEUL: Various educational software stuff

EAMorical@aol.com wrote:
> Roger,
> Also on 10/14 Wayne Earl replied to the post on the 'Article by Alan Cox'
> and on 10/15 he wrote:
> >I am working on an interactive front end to RPM that would make the upgrade
> >process easier.[...]
> >When I finish the script, where would be an appropriate place to post it for
> >tweaking?
> Here is someone trying to help and as far as I can see no one answered his
> question.

It's a good question.  Do we have the facilities and talent for that
sort of thing?  In my short time here I haven't seen any serious code
development outside of Micah's and Roger's stuff.  And all of that was
lone effort (at least it seemed so) with no input from others.  At this
point we seem to be primarily an advocacy project, although we probably
should move in exactly the direction Wayne is going.

Wayne, have you looked at grpm or GnoRPM?  They both sound as though
they're working in the same direction as you are.  It might be that a
combination of efforts would be for the best.  Or maybe not; I throw the
comment out merely for consideration.

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