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Re: SEUL: Various educational software stuff

>EAMorical@aol.com wrote:
>> Roger,

>>Also on 10/14 Wayne Earl replied to the post on the 'Article by Alan Cox'
>>and on 10/15 he wrote:
>> >I am working on an interactive front end to RPM that would make the
>> >process easier.[...]
>> >When I finish the script, where would be an appropriate place to post it
>> >tweaking?
>>Here is someone trying to help and as far as I can see no one answered his

Doug replied:
>It's a good question.  Do we have the facilities and talent for that
>sort of thing?  In my short time here I haven't seen any serious code
>development outside of Micah's and Roger's stuff.  And all of that was
>lone effort (at least it seemed so) with no input from others.  At this
>point we seem to be primarily an advocacy project, although we probably
>should move in exactly the direction Wayne is going.

"Do we have the facilities and talent for that sort of thing?" The answer is
yes. The question is are we organized to do it?

A thought on Wayne's work. edos is using Red Hat and RPM. At some point
they will need to upgrade. Wayne's script will make the process easier. Here
is a good place to try it out. Then it can be used by Scholar Net to help in
upgrades to Red Hat and RPM on their million computers. This is how one
leverages what they do to really make a differance.

I'm trying to verify the following:
I seem to remember that Red Hat funded 5 programmers to work on Gnome.
If anyone knows the answer, I would appreciate hearing.

Also what thoughts do people have on an efficient mechanism for working
with Bill Stephenson on edos. I'm sure he doesn't want to spend the time
reading all the details on what we discuss only a summary. His time can
be better spent on other things. Brian Wiens offered to help edos with
documentation. Perhaps we could ask him if he would be willing to
occasionally genate a summary for Bill.

I have had many thoughts/ideas but not much access to the computer the
last few days. I will try to get out as many as I can.