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Re: SEUL: The various projects of SEUL

In message <199811082138.QAA03794@csrlink.net>, dloss@csrlink.net writes:
>   Your recent post was the first I've heard of linuxkb.  I went to the
>archives for it and see that Aaron, Lenz, Micah and you are doing a lot of
>discussion and fleshing out of the idea.  That's great.  How come we've (at
>least I've) not heard of it before?

Whoops. I mentioned linuxkb? :) Aaron was unpsyched to have it published
until we'd gotten a bit farther on it. In any case, most of the "discussion"
we've been having so far hasn't been very useful. We had a good meeting
today though, wherein some of the actual programmers could get together and
talk about plans. It's going to be tricky to keep the project working well,
given that over half the members aren't can't code or don't have time to
code.  But once we have infrastructure in place, the people who write will
have opportunity to start their work. That's the plan, at least. :) Expect a
(private) announcement in a week or so, and a public one in perhaps two.

>   I know there are some other SEUL and SEUL-related projects floating
>around.  lu-news comes to mind.  At the same time many of the mailing lists
>mentioned in the SEUL list archives seem to be moribund if not outright dead.

too true

>  I think we should update the archive list to include all the mailing lists
>and projects associated with SEUL that are currently active (or that we'd
>like to be).  That way, people coming to the site to see what we do will get
>a more accurate idea of that, and they won't see that most of the mailing
>lists haven't been active since August or so.  What do you think?

Actually, I was thinking I'd include the main groups on the front page
that are still active, with links to them (see
http://cvs.seul.org/~cbhiii/index2.html) and then we'd deal with the rest
of them later on. But yes, a revision on the mailing list page should be
done sometime.